Praise for Deborah Woodworth's Shaker Mystery Series

"The Sister Rose Callahan mysteries have proven to be a first-rate series; warmhearted, richly detailed and completely enthralling. Mystery fans who also like Jan Karon should be sure to give them a try."
-Publishers Weekly

"Bits of Shaker lore add a fresh slant to a historical novel that also offers a neat plot. But it is Rose herself — intelligent, compassionate and very strong — whom readers will especially want to see again."
-Star Tribune [Minneapolis & St. Paul]

"Woodworth does an admirable job of opening up the world of these peaceful and industrious people to the reader, as well as showing the ugly prejudice against them that existed in these hard times... But she doesn't idealize her characters, who exhibit the same small and large sins as the rest of us, even in their cloistered, orderly world."
-Denver Post

"Woodworth ties up her tale with a satisfying conclusion and neatly paves the way for future Sister Rose mysteries, but it's her assiduous research into the Shaker lifestyle that makes this story an extraordinary read."
-Publishers Weekly

"[The Shaker mysteries]... make accessible the beliefs and behaviors of a little-known group while also spinning a good yarn."
-Dallas Morning News

" intriguing tale told in an unique setting."
-Crime by Collins

"Readers who fancy a fresh historical setting and a strong female protagonist will be glad they picked this one up."
-Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"Murder and other worldly sins impinge on North Homage Shaker Village, all sent to try Sister Rose, who overcomes all while gaining the reader's admiration."
-Mystery Time

"...readers are treated to a vivid look into a fascinating culture while enjoying a first-rate mystery."
-Publishers Weekly

"The modern reader would have trouble imagining a community where it is against the rules to touch a member of the opposite sex or to be caught outdoors without a cap on one's head, but Woodworth does a good job of getting under the skins of these people and making you care about them."
-The Drood Review of Mystery

"Rich in detail, this is a clever mystery made all the more enjoyable because of its unique setting."
-Romantic Times Magazine

"Sins of a Shaker Summer, Deborah Woodworth's third entry in her Sister Rose series, should expand the growing number of fans who find this period setting so fresh and the author's presentation so convincing."
-Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"As always, Woodworth supports a solid whodunit with a fascinating framework of period detail."
-Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"Woodworth depicts Shaker living in the heart of the Depression while using a detective who is compassionate and clever. An intriguing series."
-Crime by Collins

"[The] fascinating world of the Shakers comes lovingly to life in Killing Gifts."
-Romantic Times Magazine


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